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Chatty Chats

Found: French dog*. I am sitting on the metro, ready for my thirty minute ride on the way home from French class (ugh).  I always sit in the same seat on the second level with no neighbors**; I like to … Continue reading

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The Chicken Dance

“Chicken happy can you monkey dance a cheese?” “Quoi?” “Chick-en happy can. You. Monkey. Dance. A cheese?” “I am sorry; I do not understand what you are saying.” I have decided that it would be hysterical to have my own … Continue reading

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BAM! Frenchman Impressed!

By many, it is considered impossible to impress the French; I have, however, found a loophole. During my most recent trip to le boucherie with MB, the butcher started chatting to me about being American.  Apparently, he had been a … Continue reading

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Eclipse Totale Sur Mon Coeur

Recently, I was out at a bar with France… Me:  Oooh!  I love this song! France:  What song?  (France looks around the bar casually, I suspect trying to find someone better to talk to) Me:  You know this song – … Continue reading

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The Truth about Cats and Dogs

“So are all French as pretentious and snotty as they seem?”  My friend asks me this question as we walk down the street, heading to lunch.  I have returned to the U.S. for a weeklong visit while MB is in … Continue reading

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“Mercy,” proclaims the Filipino sales clerk.  “Mare-see,” repeats MB. “What?  How do you say it?  Say it again?”  A young girl in an apron is standing behind the sales clerk, “mercy?” “Mare-see,” MB says with a smile.  “How do you … Continue reading

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Perfection and the Art of Junk Food

MB looked down at the bowl I presented him with apprehension.  “Just try it,” I say.  “If you don’t like it, no big deal; it’s a weird American thing.  Trust me; I’ll finish it if you don’t want it.” He … Continue reading

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