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Caveman Foodies

I remember going to a French restaurant once, back when I was living in D.C. This place was pretty fancy and all the staff was actually French, so when I ordered my steak “rare” the friends I was with spoke … Continue reading

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A Simple Dimple: My Ode to Cellulite

I am standing in the kitchen at a friend’s house watching as he prepares a huge pot of fondue. “Ehermergerd,” I say, “It looks SO good.” “Yeah,” my friend responds glumly.  “But not exactly fat free, huh?” “Oauis,” I reply.  … Continue reading

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Top 7 Moments in France (and shameless self-promotion)

Hello all! Just a quickie to ask for your help.  I’ve entered the Expat Blog Awards with a post entitled “Top 7 Moments in France.”  It is a new post that has never been published here and I would be … Continue reading

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My Dirty Little Secret

“I HATE EVERYTHING – nothing is ever just easy,” I am stomping around the house in full tempter-tantrum – Scarlett-style. MB looks at me silently with no reaction (he has learned to let me just wear myself out…much like one … Continue reading

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Bringing up Chien

The French LOVE dogs (literal dogs not all my figurative dog-talk).  Dogs can go on the train, on the tram, in a restaurant…just about anywhere that doesn’t have a sign indicating otherwise.  A dog being out and about in public … Continue reading

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The Chicken Dance

“Chicken happy can you monkey dance a cheese?” “Quoi?” “Chick-en happy can. You. Monkey. Dance. A cheese?” “I am sorry; I do not understand what you are saying.” I have decided that it would be hysterical to have my own … Continue reading

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