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I am walking through the neighborhood market when I spot France picking through a basket of Girolles (Chanterelles). ME:  What up, France? I put my hand up for a high five but all I get back is an eye roll. … Continue reading

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Life and Foie Gras

“So what do you think?” MB and I are whispering in the kitchen. “I mean, I guess we could,” he says. “Is it too much?  Maybe it is too much.”  I am feeling doubtful as I look over at my … Continue reading

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A Visit from France on the Occasion of My One Year Anniversary

France:  “Bon anniversaire!  Bon anniversaire, bon anniversaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaire, bon anniversaire!” France is standing at my front door holding a cake with candles and singing.  I look confused. France:  You going to let me in, huh?  I don’t know, maybe you prefer … Continue reading

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The France Fifteen

Apologies for being a bit late with this one… Fall has arrived in the Rhône- Alpes.  There is a chill in the air; the mountains are changing from lush green to oranges and yellows.  Coats and scarves are being brought … Continue reading

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BAM! Frenchman Impressed!

By many, it is considered impossible to impress the French; I have, however, found a loophole. During my most recent trip to le boucherie with MB, the butcher started chatting to me about being American.  Apparently, he had been a … Continue reading

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Fromage Part II: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The French attitude towards cheese is sort of like the porn industry’s attitude towards sex…no matter how bizarre your tastes are; someone out there is making something for you. “Oh dear god, this is ridiculous.  MB – please, seriously!”  I … Continue reading

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Le Fromage: Part 1, The Faith

(Part 1 because one can only assume that there will be further cheese posts as this is a blog about France) This is how it goes:  I’m having a nice, quiet evening at home, alone.  I have a glass of … Continue reading

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