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The TV3 Interview…

Okay, so I am being a slacker this week and instead of writing a post I am just going to post the link to the TV3 Interview that featured BreadisPain last November.  Please enjoy my television awkwardness and inability to … Continue reading

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Chatty Chats

Found: French dog*. I am sitting on the metro, ready for my thirty minute ride on the way home from French class (ugh).  I always sit in the same seat on the second level with no neighbors**; I like to … Continue reading

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I am walking through the neighborhood market when I spot France picking through a basket of Girolles (Chanterelles). ME:  What up, France? I put my hand up for a high five but all I get back is an eye roll. … Continue reading

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Freaking Out Frenchie

So the other night MB and I were sitting watching an episode of French Masterchef.  The contestants were in the middle of a challenge in which they had to create a thin hollow ball made of out sugar (not exactly … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

“Um, I think I’ll just wait in the car.”  I say this to my American friend who is in town visiting.  We are in Chateauneuf du Pape and she and MB are about to go inside and pay the nice … Continue reading

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The Chicken Dance

“Chicken happy can you monkey dance a cheese?” “Quoi?” “Chick-en happy can. You. Monkey. Dance. A cheese?” “I am sorry; I do not understand what you are saying.” I have decided that it would be hysterical to have my own … Continue reading

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