About the Author (Rudely Interrupted by An Old Friend)

N.K. Pedeux is a thirty-something Tennessee girl who managed to find her way to Grenoble via New Zealand and Australia.

(Rudely Interrupts) And I’m Judson B. – a forty-something Colorado guy and old friend of N.K.’s, summoned hither and charged with returning this blog to fighting trim. For example: behold N.K.’s About Page snippet here, which has been obsoleted by the passage of time and must therefore be rewritten. My wordsmithery is no fine thing like N.K.’s – I am a beast, crude and foul – so know that this is but a temporary inconvenience, and accept my humble apologies in advance:

Ignore for a moment the rumors, innuendo and scandalous gossip that swirl in her wake – there will always be haters. What is known with certainty of N.K. Pedeux: international adventurer, noted wit and raconteur, epicurean extraordinaire, author.

All of which you will find on display here for your literarian contemplation – her best subject is far and away her own extraordinary life, written with candor, warm humor and herself as the comedic foil.

With that – welcome, friends!