Quickie: Advice for Americans

Cultural Differences

This is just a quick post with a link to an excellent video from the website Comme Une Francaise which can give Americans some advice on how to behave in France.  This would be helpful for those of you travelling for a vacay and certainly for business.   I wish I had watched this before I moved over!

A real post will be coming soon…but for the moment, enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Quickie: Advice for Americans

  1. Oh man, I have started emails with the person’s name! Little did I know I was scaring people.

    Saying hello and goodbye to everyone at work or at a get-together is an idea I find to be nice, but I’m still not natural at it. I will make an effort to do this more at work.

    1. Yeah, I am the same, it frustrates me to have to say goodbye to each individual person at the end of a party (and at the beginning). I like for it to happen naturally or being able to give a general “wave” to the room but I am adjusting! 🙂 (and yeah, I didn’t know the email thing either!!)

  2. This applies to some Canadians, too!

    Over from the excellent Heather Robinson’s blog. I’m happy to have the chance to ‘meet’ you.

    1. I reckon it is probably good advice for all anglo-saxon societies, truly a really lovely little site.

      YAY and hello!!! I’m looking forward to going over and reading yours as well. 🙂

  3. Your “quickies” are really fun; never thought I’d be set up with a “Frenchie” 🙂 handing out useful advice when I had come by only looking for you. Is that an “ex-pat.” You’re tempting me to check in more often!

    Shameful news about the double-header involving the top women at the NYT and Le Monde. Men must still worry about smart women.

    1. Thanks Whitt – always lovely to hear from you! How are your travels??

      I heard about NYT but not about Le Monde? I take it that they just fired a top female as well? Bummer!

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