Is It Running?

I love film.  I actually studied film…and no, not because it was an easy major (I can hear you silently judging me) but because I was seriously interested.  Even now, many some years later, I torture my friends trying to force them to watch old black and whites and whining about how script writing is a lost art.  So, naturally, last week when I came across a film project on one of the Grenoble Expat sites I was interested to check it out.

What I found is a charming half-hour documentary about three different student experiences here in Grenoble. The shooting style is quirky and fun, the material is poignant and thoughtful, and the result is a charming piece of film that allows the viewer to consider some different perspectives.

So, take a moment and watch – hope you will enjoy!

There are English subtitles. 

For more information you can email the filmmaker directly:

Laura Mollica:  (  or check out the facebook page:

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