Broccoli Wars

MB does not like his vegetables.  Just like a child, he will plow through the vegetables on his plate immediately so that he can savor and enjoy the “good stuff” (read: pasta).  When we go to the grocery and I suggest some spinach or broccoli or green beans I am met with a look of abject horror.  In a perfect MB world, food would consist of nothing more than cheese, pasta, and bacon.  In fact, before we met he apparently would make his own style of pasta carbonara (bacon, pasta, cheese, cream, and mustard…really just pasta a la MB but he likes to call it carbonara) for dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  “Oh come on,” you are thinking, “Not EVERY night.”  Yes people, every night.  So much so that the first time I came for dinner at his house and he made crepes his roommate commented on it – asking where the “carbonara” was – it is still an on-going joke with his friends because apparently this was his nightly meal for about a decade.

I, on the other hand, eat large amounts of vegetables every day and actually start to feel kind of gross if I go more than a day without a healthy dose of fresh, crunchy, colorful veg.  With all this in mind, planning dinners can be a bit of  challenge – how do I get my yummy veg but also satisfy MB’s need for cheese and starches?

Well, here is an excellent idea from Emilie and Lea’s Secrets (photo courtesy of their website…no way I could take a picture that pretty):

Emilie and Lea's Secrets

How good does that look?  And an excellent way to sneak in broccoli and the even more greatly feared cauliflower into a dinner.  Hope you will try it out and enjoy!

P.S. There will be a for real post in a couple of days!!  🙂



    1. Oh dude – you better believe that the brussel sprouts hit the table in fall and winter – he will eat those but at this point I think complaining about vegetables is more of a reflex than anything else. Like last night, bowl of peas on the table and I ask “are you going to eat your peas?” I get a dejected look…”those are for me?” YES – I love stuffed peppers and in France they love to stuff tomatoes. num num num!



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