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He Was My Friend: A Memorial Day Tribute

I remember years ago when I was living in Washington D.C. waking up on a Memorial Day morning (okay, fine afternoon…it was the afternoon, judgers) and deciding to take a walk down the National Mall to all the memorials.  It … Continue reading

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Cake or Death?

Some days, life can be over-whelming.  You know these days – the ones in which everything seems to go wrong, when you feel like you have the anti-Midas-touch (AMT).  A day when you wake up a little too late and … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Some Gauls!

“Uh-oh, I really hope she doesn’t poo, I don’t have any little bags with me.” I am walking in the park with a couple of expat friends, one of whom has his dog with him. “I might have a bag,” … Continue reading

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Broccoli Wars

MB does not like his vegetables.  Just like a child, he will plow through the vegetables on his plate immediately so that he can savor and enjoy the “good stuff” (read: pasta).  When we go to the grocery and I … Continue reading

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