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Of Lipstick and Tennis Shoes

“That is awesome!”  I am looking in the direction of an older gentleman (like octogenarian old) and his two similarly aged female companions. “What about them,” asks MB, taking a bit of his andouillette; we are in Lyon for a … Continue reading

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Cultured Insolence

“Wit is Cultured Insolence” – Aristotle So last night while watching “The Walking Dead” there was a moment when our heroes drive by a frantic and lone hiker on the highway without picking him up.  It is heart-wrenching as the … Continue reading

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Taking cheesecake to a whole new level…

Okay – so this is not a FOR REAL post but a link to the fabulous Emilie and Lea’s Secrets which never ceases to provide something dangerous for the waistline. Tomorrow, I will be posting in earnest about the time-honored … Continue reading

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