Just a little something new…

Emelie and Lea Recipes, French Food

Just a little something new…

Since I have been such a bad poster lately I thought I would double post this week and let my friends pick up the slack (an excellent way to make me look like I’m being pro-active without actually having to do anything).

This is a fabulous cooking website by my friends Lea and Emelie – all the recipes are delicious and I’m sure this one is no different (truth guns: I haven’t tried it yet).  It seems like the perfect thing for a cold, pre-Spring evening AND it will be a nice French language challenge for all my English-only readers.

Bon appetite et bon weekend!


p.s. Let me know if this is something y’all would be interested in from time to time – I keep this blog pretty standard with postings but thought some food links could be fun…and it gives me an excuse to constantly peruse recipes on the web.  Muhahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Just a little something new…

  1. Ooh, yummy looking… Using my Latin skills, is it a creamy soup made with celery root? with Bleu Cheese and Hazelnuts? Veloute I can get from the Latin participle, but I wasn’t sure about the rave.

    1. Doesn’t it? I think it looks super tasty! And well done my little Latin teacher – actually the celerie rave is a bit confusing – it is celeriac aka turnip root!

  2. Whoa. That looks crazy delish. As in “why don’t I have the ingredients to make that right now???” kind of good. I know that I for one would LOVE to have more food posts and was super happy to find a new food blog to boot. One can only reference Smitten Kitchen for so long…(well, forever actually but you know what I mean)…
    Bon WE!

    1. YAY! Glad to have your feedback – I think I’ll try to put up a recipe a week – heck, maybe I’ll even manage to try them first, next time. 🙂 Let me know if you cook this one – I may try it out this weekend!! Cheers!!

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