The Beau Reve

People say that when you begin to dream in another language that you are really starting to get it.   I suppose this shows that the new language has finally made enough of an impact on your brain to be able to seep into your subconscious.  Recently, I had just such a dream.  However, in my dream my subconscious and brain concocted a special little treat for me.

I can just imagine them strategizing:

Brain:  Okay, so what do we want to do tonight?

Subconscious:  Man…I don’t know, tidal wave?

Brain:  I’m so over the tidal-wave-coming-at-you-dream.  It symbolizes stress, duh.  I mean, if she hasn’t gotten the message by now then she never will.  I want something fresh, something different.

Subconscious:  Naked in public?

Brain:  Nah, it’s so lame, totally 1980’s sitcom.  Anyway, that one doesn’t seem to unnerve her that much.  I’m looking for something more entertaining.  It’s been slow lately.

Subconscious:  …sex dream?

Brain:  What?!  No way, dude.  You always end up putting some weird element in there.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I mean, Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years!  What was that about?”

Subconscious:  Whatever, we loved that show.

Brain:  All I know is that I ended up having to work out some serious guilt issues about Winnie Cooper.

My Subconscious shrugs.

Brain:  Hmmm…we could always do a dream with mean friends from the past.

Subconscious:  Ugh.  Please no, those are the worst.  They are always so painfully obvious and allegorical.  Vomit.

Brain:  Well, we have to come up with something.  We can’t keep her awake forever.

A moment passes.

Brain:  Haha, actually we totally could.  I could start coming up with lists right now.  She’ll never sleep!

Subconscious:  Ha, right?!  But seriously, it is so much easier when she just takes a Lunesta.  I could use some time off.

Brain:  Wait a minute…something new is coming in…something interesting, is that…no way, is that French?!

Subconscious:  You’re kidding?  It’s finally crossed over?  We can use it?

Brain:  Yeah dude, we got it if we want it.  What what! (my Brain sometimes masquerades as a character from Cougar Town) 

Subconscious:  Do people even say that anymore?  …Okay.  So, what are we gonna do with this?

Brain:  Oh, it’s gonna be so good.  This is what we do:  she’ll be in her dream, somewhere totally normal and commonplace in France.  Everyone will be speaking in perfect French but she won’t be able to come up with the right sentences.  She’ll respond to the perfect French that you and I are creating, – so in essence she is creating – , with the broken French that she uses in everyday life.

Subconscious:  Woah, what a mindf*ck.

Brain:  Right?

Subconscious:  So like, when she wakes up she will realize that she dreamed in correct French but that she still isn’t able to use it when she is awake.  Just wait until Conscious hears about this.  You are an evil genius.

My Brain lets out a malevolent laugh a-la Count Dracula. 

And Scene.

Yes, this dream did actually happen.

I actually dreamed in French, which was correct.  Everyone else in my dream could speak fluently and effortlessly except for moi; I was still speaking in my current level of French.  At first, I found this hugely unnerving but now I have decided that it should give me hope for the future.  Clearly, I’ve got the right components rolling around in my head, I just haven’t quite figured out how to put them all together.  I just hope that at the next strategy meeting my Conscious decides to show up.

13 thoughts on “The Beau Reve

    1. Haha – cool! Glad that you enjoyed! The name of your blog had my mouth watering – there is a great Mexican restaurant in Memphis (where I’m from) that has the suizo burrito with this amazing cheese sauce. WAH! So hard to find Mexican worth eating in Europe! It is something I commiserate about with all the other American ex-pats!


      1. Oh yeah, Mexican food in Europe is so NOT the Mexican food we Amurricans have grown to adore. Oh my, a burrito with cheese sauce??? Yum! The wet burritos here in San Diego are smothered with salsa, not cheese. That’s gotta change 😉


  1. I’ve had similar dreams, but I’m pretty sure even though I knew what the French people were saying to me, it was in “Wendy French” — that *I* understood, but wasn’t really perfect at all! It’s nice to dream (see what I did there?) though…


  2. Lol!
    That’s just the first step though. It’s cool to dream in another language. Despite the fact that, in your dream, you’re not speaking perfect French it does show that you totally understand what’s going on. It just gets better from there. I now have dreams in French with people who don’t speak French in real life.

    Still, I couldn’t stop laughing. Too funny!!!


    1. Really? That is great – you can let them know that they actually CAN speak French but only in your own alternate reality. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!! I won’t lie – I was laughing while I was writing it.


  3. Hahahahahahahaha ………that is HILARIOUS! Ive got the giggles…I SO know these characters!! I remember dreaming in french one night and woke so so proud of myself! that was a long time ago..if you dont use it you lose it ..c’est domage! Jill Australia


    1. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed – it was making me giggle while I wrote it. It’s so true about not using it – I will find even short trips back to the US will really set me backwards. Ah, c’est la vie!


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