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The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

“Foux da fa fa?”  Says one girl.* “Feau de foux!  Foux da fa fa fa fa,” replies the boy she is talking to. “Mais oui, a le feau de foux a fa fa.  Ceau le le le foux de fa … Continue reading

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Eclipse Totale Sur Mon Coeur

Recently, I was out at a bar with France… Me:  Oooh!  I love this song! France:  What song?  (France looks around the bar casually, I suspect trying to find someone better to talk to) Me:  You know this song – … Continue reading

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Genetics and Aperitif

“What are you doing ?’  MB has walked into the kitchen to find me scarfing down a bowl of pasta. “What do you mean?  I’m eating,” I say as I shove another forkful into my mouth. “Ouais…” he looks at me … Continue reading

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Fromage Part II: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The French attitude towards cheese is sort of like the porn industry’s attitude towards sex…no matter how bizarre your tastes are; someone out there is making something for you. “Oh dear god, this is ridiculous.  MB – please, seriously!”  I … Continue reading

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They eat horses, don’t they?

Watch this clip from The Neverending Story: This is what went through my mind shortly after my first experience eating horse meat.  We had just bought if from the chevaline (horse butcher), and we came home and ate it … Continue reading

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