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“Mercy,” proclaims the Filipino sales clerk.  “Mare-see,” repeats MB. “What?  How do you say it?  Say it again?”  A young girl in an apron is standing behind the sales clerk, “mercy?” “Mare-see,” MB says with a smile.  “How do you … Continue reading

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Jamais Deux Sans Trois

The French translation of the ‘rule of three’ is somewhat different than in English but the outcome is the same. I am so organized, I thought to myself this morning as I reviewed my baggage for the 5th time before leaving … Continue reading

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Perfection and the Art of Junk Food

MB looked down at the bowl I presented him with apprehension.  “Just try it,” I say.  “If you don’t like it, no big deal; it’s a weird American thing.  Trust me; I’ll finish it if you don’t want it.” He … Continue reading

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Holiday Savagery: Would Ralph have survived bad traffic?

In the United States, holiday traffic can be frustrating and extremely unpleasant; in France, it is epic and terrifying. I know it seems unusual to apply the idea of ‘fear’ to traffic but let me assure you that it is … Continue reading

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