I am a 30-something American living in the Rhone-Alps, France with my French boyfriend.  This is my 3rd country to live in outside of the U.S. but the first one that is non-English speaking.  While I’m here, I’m getting my masters degree from the U.S. (online), studying French, and slowly eating and drinking myself through the country.

I usually put up one post a week (assuming I’m being a good girl)!!  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Hey! It’s Crystal from yesterday :p Dana sent me a link to your blog. I’ve met so many friends through my blog, and I’m so pleased we got to meet yesterday. Hope to see you again soon!

    • breadispain says:

      Hello!!! Was great meeting you yesterday – sorry I had to scurry off so quickly, the danger of ‘working’ from home – its all about the self-motivation! Hope we can all get together again soon for a proper wine night/dinner. Great to have another North American in the neighborhood!

  2. whitt88 says:

    Hi breadispain. I see why Cécile nominated you for the award; your type of humor iis similar to hers, i.e. we (especially males!) get to learn lots of new things while being entertained with tons of laughs. I was unable to get to the bottom (end) of your posts – I’d read one, then another, and it then it loads ten more. I’ll have to take a rain-check. Are you going to play the pyramid game and meet all those new people; I think Cécile may be kidding us, but I’m glad to have found your site. So here’s a hi from the land of bread-trees and breadfruit too. A+

    • breadispain says:

      Hi Whitt!! Thanks so much for the feedback! I look forward to checking out your blog as well – it really is one of the things that is great when someone gives you a ‘shout-out’. It certainly sounds like you are living the exotic and adventurous life!! All the best!

  3. Brilliant post….I’m newly adjusting to life in France, too, since May. Also Americaine. Thanks for a good laugh on a homesick day.

  4. alison birch says:

    Great post – I am a rosbif learning the ropes in France and finding much to amuse/frustrate me over overt “frenchiness”

  5. Hey there, I will lurk on your blog no longer, since I’ve outed you as a favorite on mine (http://leculentrelesdeuxchaises.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/shock-and-awe/). Come on down to collect your award!

    • breadispain says:

      Hello!! Thanks so much for this – sorry it has been ages for me to reply but just been swamped over the past couple of months (wedding stuff). Am going to put up a post on this soon!!!!!! :)

  6. Loving your blog so far – and I am sure in the future as well! mind you, you had me at bread is pain. ( PS Heather from Lost in Arles had a link to here)

    • breadispain says:

      Thanks so much!! Haha – glad you like my title – not gonna lie, I cracked myself up with that (nerd alert). :) Love Lost in Arles – glad you found me through her!

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